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Root Canal Treatment

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Root canal treatment is the removal of the tooth's pulp, a small, thread-like tissue in the center of the tooth. Once the damaged, diseased or dead pulp is removed, the remaining space is cleaned, shaped and filled. This procedure seals off the root canal. The naturally occurring space within the root of a tooth is called Root Canal. It consists of the pulp chamber, the main canal and detailed anatomical branches that connect the root canals to each other or to the surface of the root. For many root canal is generally a preferable option instead of extraction; it saves the tooth and assures that it remains healthy and intact. Root canal treatment helps in the removal of diseased tissues from inside of the tooth and thereafter filling and sealing the root canal space.

This special branch of dentistry deals with diagnosis and treatment of dental problems associated with soft tissues inside the tooth.

This way despite the pulp tissue being removed from inside the tooth it continuous to receive its blood supply and nourishment from the body. The tooth that has been treated endodontically is recognized by the body immune system as a healthy tooth and is no more prone to conditions such as decay or fracture than any other tooth.

Kids and adults alike need to undergo this treatment in order to save their tooth from decaying; root canal treatment can stabilize teeth and give it a new lease of life. Since root canal treat deal with the treatment of pulp tissue of a tooth that contains nerves, it is often feared and avoided by people as they don’t wish to undergo the pain associated with it. Though the thought of this treatment often leaves people with cold feet but in reality it is a life saver for the teeth. In case someone wishes to retain their original teeth than there is no better option than a root canal treatment , the treated tooth would continue to function just as a healthy tooth without any problem.

Of course the idea of a pain free single sitting root canal treatment would make life easier for a lot of people. This is possible at the experienced hands with 30 year of experienced and can give you the best treatment without any pain.