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Dentures are used to replace teeth for patients with all or several teeth missing. Conventional dentures are removable and come in the form of a partial denture, in the case of several missing teeth, or a complete denture where all teeth are missing. Dentures not only improve a patient's ability to chew and eat functionally, they also enable the patient to retain their aesthetic appearance restoring their self confidence and healthy social life.

It is crucial to the preservation of oral health to restore missing teeth as the remaining teeth may shift to fill in the empty space. The results, if not treated, can cause difficulty biting and chew properly as well as an elderly appearance as the facial skin will tend to sag without the support of the teeth.

Dentures today are designed to look as natural as possible, allowing patients the comfort and functionality of a full set of teeth. Your dentist will help you determine whether treatment with dentures is right for you.